14 June 2011

A Quick Trip to Glorious NYC

Made a very quick trip to the city that never sleeps last weekend.
Ate the NYC must-eats in my book: pizza, bagel, babka.
Saw the girlies: Ali and Ashbo and got some much-needed catch-up time with each of them!
Minus Kerri... I'll catch ya next time, busy worker-bee!

And I saw Ashbo's AMAZING APARTMENT for the first time
oh my goodness it was to die for
with a gorgeous gate outside
two marble fireplaces
with built in bookcases surrounding one of them
the highest ceilings
with gorgeous molding details
the most beautiful parquet floor I've ever seen
nearly floor to ceiling recessed windows (remember the ceilings are TALL)
and indoor shutters that folded out of the recessed walls 
to. die. for.

I'll be back sometime this year...
...along with Jason on his VERY FIRST trip there.
It probably won't be in the winter like I was hoping
but nevertheless, I can't wait to show it to him!

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