11 April 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Jason and I felt the pollen today to the point where we started poppin' the allergy pills. It was a gorgeous day, so I really don't have any complaints. Just lots of snotty tissues.

I grew these flowers! I planted their little bulbs last summer. I'm proud that they grew and I'm ignoring the fact that I definitely planted a lot more than you see here (and yet, what you see here is all that there is to see). My first little garden! Haha. They were the result of a local "dig up" where the county was getting rid of the flowers to plant new ones. I know this year I need to get there earlier than they say because all of the good flowers were gone! (No offense, little purple flowers.)

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers (along with lilacs). At the time that I dug those babies up, when all of the beautiful tulips were long gone, I found a sad, dead-looking, discarded tulip bulb. I figured I'd give it a shot and took it home to plant. Why not, right?

It miraculously sprung into multiple tulips!!! My green thumb is so green it produces envy. My thumb is magic. No, just kidding, these pretty tulips that are pictured are on our "village" property. My sad bulb did not bloom. But I feel better knowing that I buried the poor dead bulb rather than let it dry out in the sun and get trampled on the sidewalk where someone left it. It's what every little bulb deserves.

After dropping Jason hints all last year like, "GOSH! I really love tulips!" & "Tulips are my favorite!" & "If we got married in the spring, our wedding flower would have been a tulip!" & "Don't they just brighten everything?" ...and never seeing a tulip in my man's hands.... this year I got smart and said, "It would be really great if you decided to bring some tulips home to me sometime." Now I have some pretty tulips in a vase in our living room. To that story, I shake my head and say, "Men." To that story, men would say, "Women! Can't they just say what they mean!?" Venus, meet Mars. Mars, Venus. In the end, they lived happily ever after in all of their pill poppin', snotty tissued, tulip lovin' glory.

Happy Spring!!!