19 April 2009

About the Bride!

I'm not the best at blogging because frankly I just never got into it. However for the sake of my better half I present you with 25 things KT.

1. KT gets cold very easily but I call her my little furnace because when I lean up against her back she is as hot as a freakin furnace, ouch!

2. I let her go to sleep first because 1) She has trouble falling asleep if I fall asleep first and start snoring, 2) The real reason is she puts her icicle feet on my legs if I'm going to bed first!

3. She lovvvvvvvvvvess babies, I can't count how many times I've heard, "Ohhh tiny baby!" or "I wanna steal that baby!" But to be honest she is really good with kids :)

4. She likes to go around traffic circles at least 3 times!

5. I would drive up to see her at school in Ithaca after getting off of work at midnight. She isn't very talkative when you drop in for a visit at 4:30 or 5 am even if you are on a triple shot of espresso when you arrive.

6. Ever paged a pager in the bottom of a river? I have, thanks butterfingers!

7. She is a very family oriented person and is fiercely loyal to those she cares about. It's a great characteristic because I am also very family oriented.

8. If the power went out and there was a hurricane or tornado outside...it would be quieter than her fan/sound machine she sleeps with.

9. When she asks you to buy a lottery ticket.........she means a winning one, don't you dare bring home a loser!

10. She has 9000 names for our dog. Butterballs, pupper nuggets, pupper loves, lover pups, lover nupkins, pupper doh duppers, rufer dufers, and the list goes on.

11. If she could own a wombat, she would run a farm of them so there were always baby wombats around. She loves them, her favorite animal by far! She found a book called "Diary of a Wombat"  in Australia and bought multiple copies of it to give away (and one to keep for our future kids).
wombat wombat2

12. Every time Jon and Kate plus 8 comes on this huge smile spreads across her face because she thinks the kids are so cute. If I see it is on I switch to it and watch her become aware of it being on.

13. She likes to call my cousin Bryan "Kid" and he doesn't dislike it, but he gets this look on his face of disbelief every time she says it. He is only 4 months younger than she is hehe.

14. I call her all kinds of nicknames and she just makes funny faces at me for them, every now and then she'll fight back with an equally horrible name. Sometimes it gets a giggle out of her, which is good because I only make them up to see her smile.

15. She has started to make me several gifts and has not finished them (besides my socks which are very nice!), she makes tons of gifts for other people and finishes them. It's kinda cute and I like to think that it's because she knows she has the rest of our lives to finish them :)

16. She never actually said yes when I proposed, she said oh my god a lot and an hour or two later finally actually said yes.

17. Kait gets so white and can faint when getting blood taken, or there is talk of blood. However all the craziness of the birthing process doesn't even phase her. Pregnancy and birth fascinate her. She has a little library of books about them because she's so interested in them.... but any other talk about the body grosses her out. Boggles my mind!

18. Her favorite books are memoirs, she loves dark chocolate, lilacs, hockey, Disney kids movies (especially when she is sick), pajamas & sweatpants (she has drawers just full of those two things).

19. She is an orange fanatic, the first things she put on our registry was an orange Kitchenaid mixer (she's wanted one for a long time) and an orange spatula. She wants an orange futon, and who knows how orange our house will be one day.

20. I have to lick all her envelopes as they disgust her. If I'm not around she licks her fingers or dips them in water to do it.

21. She is kind of a disaster in the kitchen. If she tried more I'm sure she would improve, but that's a different subject! Every time she is cooking something an ingredient ends up missing or she sets something on the stove on a burner that is still hot without noticing the light is on and ends up with a burned mess of something. I try to help but usually end up getting dirty looks for it lol.

22. September is her least favorite month and always seems to be a bad luck time, but thankfully it is followed by her favorite month, October. We started dating, we're getting married, pumpkins, thanksgiving, orangey goodness, colorful leaves, all happen in October.

23. Every time I go into Taco Bell (her fav fast food) to pick her up some food I get funny looks because when she eats a burrito from Taco Bell, she uses 12 to 15 packets of hot sauce so I have to pick up a huge handful of them. Puts my ketchup usage at Chik-fil-a to the test!

24. She's so special to me that I flew to the other side of the world (having never flown further than California before) to spend a week with her after not seeing her for several months. We then drove around the south island of New Zealand by ourselves and managed to not get lost once! It was not on my list of places to visit but I am so glad that I did. It was an amazing place that we would both return there at anytime, or live there if we could (although I believe she still likes Australia more). By far the best trip I have ever had and I got to spend a solid week with my sweetheart exploring dozens of places neither of us had ever seen.

25. Kait has been a wonderful part of my life for the last 4 and 1/2 years (even if she forgets a year or so :b) and I'm very thankful that we found each other again and became more than friends. She is my little rock along with our little pebble Rufus that I can count on for hard times or just any old bad day. I take comfort in knowing that she will always be a part of my life and I a part of hers. She is my silver lining and my dream come true all packed into one person. I am so happy to be joining our families together this fall.

07 April 2009

About the Groom!

Our friends Katie and Kelly who are soon to be married (next weekend!!!!!) did an "About the Bride" and "About the Groom" post and I thought it was such a cool idea that Jason and I are going to do it too! It is based off of the 25 things on facebook that a bunch of people were doing. Jason and I never did it but thought it would be fun to do one for each other! So without further ado, I give you: 25 THINGS ABOUT THE GROOM!

1. Jason has the body temperature of the sun. He is always hot. The heaviest jacket he has is an old fleece and he only wears a t-shirt under it. When he used to come visit me in Ithaca (in the winter, when it was snowing) he would only wear a t-shirt and he wouldn't be cold. Because he gets hot easily, we don't even turn the heat on in the winter time (Rufus and I wear sweaters and snuggle up in blankets to stay warm!).

2. Despite his high body temperature, his feet get cold at night and it wakes him up, so I knitted him thick socks for Christmas.

3. He was the only senior in his class to get two superlatives: Most likely to brighten your day and prettiest eyes.

4. We met in March of 2000. On March 13th, very shortly after we met, he had a sweatshirt with him and wasn't wearing it (see fact #1) so I asked if I could borrow it, feigning coldness. I had this whole scheme planned out of what I would say to him if he said no ("but it's my birthday tomorrow and I promise I'll give it back!"). I asked him and he said "sure!" and handed it to me without hesitation. I was amazed how giving he was. I've had that sweatshirt in my possession since then.

5. He LOVES cooking shows yet doesn't really cook. It's really weird to have him looking over my shoulder giving me tips (and they're good ones!) while I cook even though he doesn't cook. He puts me to shame and I generally cook more than he does and I've certainly baked far more than he has. Although, he does make killer cream puffs which the Coray family can all attest to! On our first Christmas together he made one for every member of my family.

6. Jason has the best family ever. They adore him and he adores them and I cannot wait to be a part of their family because I adore them too!

7. He is extremely protective of the people he loves. One time, long before we dated, I said something mean about his girlfriend at the time and he completely stopped talking to me because of it. The funny thing? Neither of us can remember what the heck I said about her.

8. Jason was the most beautiful baby ever. He had blond curls and bright blue eyes and loooong eyelashes. SO pretty. Definitely the prettier of the two of us as babies. When he was really little he used to want to cut his eyelashes off because everyone always oogled over them.

beach blondie1

9. His Aunt Betty gave him his most dreaded nickname: Blue-eyed Buckeroo. Oh man. He HATES it.

10. He isn't ticklish unless he's really tired. And it's really funny when he is because his face gets BRIGHT red because he laughs so hard.

11. His mom used to wrestle with him and his brother when they were little - and still did it after they were bigger than her.

12. He used to refuse to let me play Hanson (my favorite band) in his car when we first met. It made me REALLY mad back then. He has since apologized about it... and now it's the majority of what we listen to in the car. He actually likes their newest album.

13. His favorite number is 13. It's also his lucky number.

14.  The way he says the word "pillow" is ridiculously adorable. The "i" sounds more like an "e" when he says it and he gets all upset when I ask him to say it again... which only makes it even cuter!

15. Jason once rocked a flat top haircut. I've seen the pictures. Not the best 'do.

16. His favorite animal isn't even an animal. He loves dragons. He has a tattoo of one on his back.

17. He loves fantasy novels. He has a bunch of fantasy series and re-reads them all the time until he wears them out and they fall apart. Luckily, he has a Kindle now and can re-read them all he wants without having to worry about them falling apart!

18. He doesn't like watching sports on TV. He only likes to play them. He lets me watch hockey though. :)

19. There was another Jason Bell in his high school. The other one used to get in trouble all the time and Jason used to get called to the principal's office for the other one's trouble-making.  There also always seems to be another Jason Bell wherever we live and he gets calls/mail of theirs.

20. Jason LOVES grapefruits. He used to eat huge jars of them in one sitting after crew practice. It's one of the things I remember really well about him back then. Now we like to get fresh ones and split them.

21. He also loves potatoes. On our first date he got potato soup, french fries, and a baked potato. He has been known as my potato since then.

22. Jason really likes poker. He's actually pretty good at it. It doesn't hurt that when he plays he's usually the only one that is stone-cold sober.

23. Jason has done a lot of chauffeuring for me over the years. He used to drive me to lunch and to crew practice back in high school (and occasionally other places too though nothing is coming to mind at the moment). He drove us around for half of the night before we became an official couple (I had a car back then and drove the other half). That night he even drove around a massive traffic circle multiple times without me noticing. Now I don't have a car and can't drive stick (I should really learn) so I can't drive his car. He drives us around everywhere for errands, etc. He even drives me places and drops and picks me up. Now that is LOVE.

24. For our one year anniversary (of dating, obviously), we decided to make something for each other rather than buy something. I made him a scrapbook of our year together and he made me a pillow with our pictures on it! He learned to sew for me!!!!


25. Jason is one of the absolute nicest, sweetest, most genuine and understanding people I've ever met. The second we started talking I fell for him. He really works to make people smile, brighten their days, and make them feel appreciated and worthwhile. He makes people feel loved and cared for. It's a gift. I am so lucky to have him. I look forward to our lives together and all that we will experience!

02 April 2009

"March, I'm gonna march you down the aisle"

March was good to us. I had a great birthday which revolved around really good food for three whole days! It was a delicious time. The one thing we did that didn’t revolve around food was going to the movies to see Coraline in 3-D. It was the first movie we had seen in the theaters for ages. It was so much fun! Here we are in our stylish glasses.


Hot stuff!

Rufus has been doing well too – we’ve had him for a full year now (as of March 1)! His vet visit was good – he’s healthy as can be. He is still as energetic as ever and has actually been a bit of a terror lately – chewing up a lot of things including an entire bag of food on one occasion. We’re still chalking it up to puppy-hood and hope that his chewing subsides eventually, but we won’t be surprised if he ends up being crazy and chew-happy forever. Also of note, the other day we met a dog at the dog park named Percy who could have been his brother! It’s the first Jack-Chi that we have ever seen in person other than Rufus himself.

We’ve also been taking videos of him lately because he is so funny to watch. The most recent two are of him leaping for spaghetti (excuse my obnoxious laughing in this one - is my laugh really that high-pitched valley girl-esk? yuck...) and digging in the backseat of Jason’s car. He’s a crazy pup!

Wedding plans are moving along: We have thought more about who will marry us. The flower girl dresses are being purchased this weekend and I will hopefully find a veil. The save the date cards and the invitations have been ordered and are now in our possession waiting to be addressed/stamped/etc and the guest list needs to be finalized (this has not been a happy subject with size restrictions, unfortunately... so I've been avoiding it but I know I really need to deal with it). Jason has actually planned the honeymoon as well - we have tickets! I'll leave it at that and let him post more about it later. While there is still plenty to do, it feels more like it's actually doable now!