14 March 2010

Mrs. B

As of Monday I am officially Mrs. B. I'm happy to be Mrs. B - I love my hubby and his family to pieces. But I loved being Ms. C too. I identify with that name and it was really hard for me to change it. I know I am still a C at heart and it is still my middle name. But I struggled with the initial change too - now I'm not KEC like my dad. I don't think many people know that Jason and I had very different beliefs about changing versus not changing names after marriage. Early on in our relationship, when he learned that I didn't want to take a man's name as my own, he basically said things might not work for us... and I was very set on keeping my name. In the end, we both got over it - it's nothing worth ruining a great relationship over - and he told me I could keep my name and I wound up taking his name anyway! Compromise.

I got a package from Erin that addressed me as MRS. which made me feel really old because #1 Only "old" people can be a Mrs. in the eyes of a child and #2 the package was for my birthday. I'm 25 today. I know that's not OLD by any means, but as my brother pointed out it is a quarter of a century which is, if you ask me, definitely a landmark in life.

Another landmark we celebrated was Rufus' homecoming day/birthday! As of March 1, we have had our sweet pup for two years and he is about three years and three months old! To celebrate, we got him some new treats and he enjoyed a pumpkin puppy pop from our favorite frozen custard place.

01 Mrs. B

Jason and I have been going for extremes in haircuts lately. He got his hair chopped pretty short. Here is his cut as of Valentine's Day, the day after he got it cut... so it's still getting used to being short and looks kind of funny on top. It looked good though, trust me! And, for the record, our Valentine's Day was very nice. We went out for brunch and I got some pretty red roses and Jason got some homemade fudge (he said it was good but... I think he's just being nice... it was a little bit of a disaster. I tried...).

01 Mrs. B

Then, I got my hair cut into cute bangs the other weekend. I needed a change! It looked really cute, thankfully. The last time I got bangs cut was in 5th grade and that ended in tears.

02 Mrs. B

I really liked the bangs! But the cut was uneven so I went to get it cut again elsewhere. Now my bangs are not as cute (dude cut the cute longer side bangs without me noticing - so sad) and at that point, my hair was still uneven and a lot shorter from "evening" it out. Lord, have mercy. That's what I get for going to get my haircut from somewhere other than my mother-in-law (who has been giving me great haircuts with NO issues for five and half years now). Lesson learned. She straightened it out for me last night. I'm lucky - my hair grows fast! We'll see how long I can escape photos until at least the side bangs grow out a little more!

My birthday weekend has been very nice, minus the fact that I am only getting a 23 hour birthday and one less hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings. Yesterday morning Jason made me waffles with our new waffle maker! I've been wanting waffles for the longest time. We spent the afternoon with his parents and Jason cooked us all dinner - my choice - clams fettuccine. It was his first time making it. He even winged the sauce and it was delicious. To end the night, we all shared some cupcakes. This morning, my family took me out to a delicious brunch in the city where we were treated to the largest complimentary birthday dessert I have ever seen in my life. It was a variety of caramel and chocolate goodies and there was so much the five of us couldn't even eat it all! We headed back to their house to hang out for a bit before heading home. It's been a pretty low-key weekend - it's pretty dreary here. We're on a flood watch although I'd say the flood is in full force - the Potomac is totally flooded. When we drove across the bridge after brunch this morning, Roosevelt Island was under water and the harbor had its flood walls up. It's not exactly the kind of weather that makes you want to go out and do things. Spring is just around the corner though... the weather is definitely warming up and we're headed to the lake for Easter in a couple of weeks! I do love winter, but I think I've had about enough. I can't wait to spend more time at the lake soon!!!!