14 January 2012


Tulsa, Oklahoma. A place I imagined at 11 as a wee Hanson fan (they're from Tulsa) and finally visited at 26, thanks to a work trip. It wasn't at all what I pictured it to be, but I'm not sure what I was expecting. It was WINDY and bitter cold in January - I now completely understand the lyrics, "the wind comes sweeping down the plain." I expected it to be mild but it certainly wasn't. I even saw some snow! It had a little bit of an old-timey feel, even within the downtown area, which I loved.

There are some really pretty bits of the city - you could see the river from my hotel room and the pretty sunset.

In my spare time, I drove past a few landmarks and things I remembered and recognized as a fan which was fun, although I wished that I had my friend (and fellow fan) Christine along for the ride to make it more fun!

Oh, and the plane ride home? One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.