28 November 2011

yppaH Thanksgiving

I flew out to LA to celebrate Thanksgiving (morning) with one of my very best friends. We had fun decorating the table. The writing in the middle? It's mine. I don't even know where I was going with that...
yappH Thanksgiving!

20 November 2011

Second Anniversary Picture

Better late than never right? Here's second anniversary picture (here's the first one - the start of the tradition).

It wasn't exactly our anniversary - it was October 29 (Snowtober) instead of the 25th, but I was sick on our anniversary. And my hair is kinda wet here because by the time we took a photo with a nice background, the snow stopped and it was raining. And Jason wanted to kill me because we were taking a lot of pictures to make sure we got a good one and Rufus got the chihuahua shakes... and... well... this is the best that we got.

17 November 2011

Jackson Hole

In September, Grandma and Grandpa decided they wanted to take one more "last hurrah" trip and picked Jackson Hole as the place. First of all, of course I want to see my family, and second, the Grand Tetons are one of the most incredible sights, making it one of my favorite places in the world to visit.

Dad and I flew in to meet them and two of his siblings - Carolyn and Steve - where we stayed at the Jackson Lake Lodge in cottages for three nights. First we saw the most stunning sunset from the plane. Then, driving to the lodge, the most magnificent display of stars. Dad and I were mesmorized while Steve and Carolyn laughed at us "big city folk." I can't get enough of the sky when I finally get out of the city. But in a place as remote and small as Jackson I am not sure I've ever seen such an incredible display in my life. I made sure I stood outside to take it all in each night. Seeing the Milky Way blows my big city-girl mind.

As soon as we got there it was clear Grandma was not okay. The next morning, after having breakfast with us, she went to the doctor who sent her to the hospital and that's where she stayed for the rest of the trip. My heart hurt for her. How unfair to spend your "last hurrah" trip, in one of the most beautiful places, in the hospital. And she was quite sick. Such a bummer.

We did one small hike. Here's a good view from nearly the top of one of them.
From Dad's camera: Me and Dad

Carolyn, Grandpa, Me (Steve's shot)

Wildlife? Oh yes. Bear, moose, beaver, loons, eagle, elk, deer (a doe and fawn). The encounter with the bear was a little too close for my comfort. He was across the street from the crowd but then decided he wanted to cross it... right in front of me. Between me and the bear was a park ranger with mace. That's it. Check it out (along with my "oh my gods"):

I'd go back in a heartbeat.
Until next time, Jackson...

P.S. My uncle Steve is the pro photographer in the family... see his awesome photos here and here.