28 June 2010

We Love Thunderstorms

We just got a crazy summer thunderstorm.  Tons of loud, loud thunder, lightening, wind, and sheets of rain. Rufus and I sat at the door and watched it all fall down.  Once it stopped we took a little walk to examine the damage.  We found a taped off street and cops blocking traffic because this was down:


Needless to say, our power was out for a few hours. It just came back on, thank goodness.  We were sweatin'!  I was kind of looking forward to a candlelit night, but now we can eat a proper dinner rather than large glasses of milk, guacamole, salsa, pina colada mix (we were going to mash ice up), and hot dogs - the things we were going to try to eat before they went bad in the fridge.  Now we're cookin' Indian!  Yum!  And by "cook" I mean we went to Trader Joe's last night and we're putting Indian in the oven.  And by "we're" I mean Jason.  Although, to my credit, I did turn the oven on and take the naan out of the package before he insisted on taking over.  I love my husband.

P.S. Sorry to our RSS feed readers. I know you got a bit of an overload of old posts this weekend when I imported the old blog into this one!

25 June 2010

Red Meat

There have been questions about the last post, so here's the answer. The reason I didn't eat (red) meat is simple: I hate pork chops. I had a love of steak, honey roasted ham, hamburgers, and bacon and yet I hated pork chops enough to stop eating all of them. Hate is a strong emotion. When it comes to pork chops it can take over the emotion of love for a steak.

"Eat what you're served" was the rule in our house. I had to eat things whether I liked it or not, which I'm thankful for now because it made me grow to like a lot of things I didn't like as a kid (most veggies, many of which I love now). I figured if I stopped eating meat it would be a valid reason not to eat pork chops. Well, it worked. It was the dumbest reason ever but I was in middle school. I also thought riding down the steep attic stairs in a cardboard box would be fun in middle school. (It wasn't.)

I feel like a snob when I ask for vegetarian meals or people feel that they need to cook something additional for me. I've never been a picky eater - I always try everything and eat most food (I refuse to eat olives or any questionable canned/packaged product like Spam but that's about it). I hate that not eating red meat makes me picky to an extent and keeps me from trying everything at least once. The only piece of red meat I've eaten since middle school (before the other day) was kangaroo which I figured I had to try while I was in Australia. I wasn't impressed by it but that might have had something to do with the fact that my college-aged American friends grilled it and didn't know what they were doing.  Anyway, I LOVE food and I'd like to add a little more variety into my diet. I probably won't eat a ton of red meat and will still prefer veggie or turkey alternatives, but every once in a while it might be nice to eat a burger. Even my vegetarian grandma eats a burger every now and then. That has to mean something!

The funny ending to the story is that Allison doesn't like pork chops either and doesn't remember cooking them very often - if at all.

23 June 2010


Making a guest appearance in my wonderful other half's world, I just had to make a post after such a shocking event!

We went out for our favorite type of dinner...breakfast! IHOP ran a pancake club which gave out a free meal, so we cashed in. Chocolate chip pancakes for the lady, rooty tooty fresh and fruity (minus the fruit topping) for myself. Reaching the last bite of my bacon there was a request from the other side of the table.

breakfast for dinner

Recently on a trip to the lake she held my burger for a minute or two and talked about taking a bite, she backed out of that one but has been talking more about it ever since. Tonight was was a different story....

Behold a bite of salty delicious PORK, yes PORK bacon! Covered in eggs but still, bacon flavor conquers all.


Why stop at bacon when there is still a bit of egg and a few sausage links on the plate? Not one, but two bites of sausage! So proud of her! I declined to make her open her mouth for a proof positive picture but I assure you she ate it to no ill effects!


In no time I'll be cooking her a filet mignon to savor while our dog drools and stares at us.

Another picture from our recent weekend, she decided to make a frappaccino and ended up with one extra large venti, I handed her a straw joking that it was big enough not to fit in any of our cups, lo and behold she thought it was a great idea.

homemade Frapp

I bid all her thousands, yes I have high expectations, of viewers adieu, back to the home search, the trust world, and our small little apartment with our small little pup...


11 June 2010

Summer Lake Time

One of our favorite things to do is go down to Lake Anna and hang out for the weekend. Long weekends are even better! We love it at any time of year - in the winter time it's usually pretty empty. We build fires, make s'mores, and cuddle up with books. In the summer, it's full of life. I think we hit a record of the greatest number of people (and dogs) at the lake this Memorial Day - at least for as long as I've been around. These pictures don't even begin to show how many people there were!

Hello there, sweet girl.

Esme playing in her pool with Grandmommy and Mommy.

So sweet.

Meet Ranger... and his "big sister" Chris.

See that little person near the fire in the first picture? That's Gary. That's his fire.

Cutest in-laws. Esme reads to Uncle Jerry.

Our little family.

Until next time!