29 October 2010

Fav Boots

These boots are the best. My college friends pitched in and got them for me for my 21st b-day from Anthropologie (thanks, girls!). I've been wanting to wear them but don't think they're quite work-appropriate (am I wrong? If so, I'll keep wearing them). But today was casual Friday and the last day of work before Halloween and they seemed fitting and appropriate.

Aware and not caring that my oranges clash.

Happy Halloweenie weekend!

28 October 2010

First Anniversary Photo

Jason and I both think there is something really special about observing traditions that people have been celebrating for years. That is why we chose traditional vows in our ceremony. To celebrate our anniversary, we decided that we wanted to give each other the traditional one year gift of paper. This year we decided to purchase a scrapbook. In the scrapbook we will document our anniversaries with a photo of us taken on October 25 each year. Having a scrapbook to look back on to see how we change over the years together and how our family grows as the years go on will be such a special thing to have. So, without further ado, I bring you this year's photo, taken in my in-law's front yard.

And yes, that is a wooden raccoon in the tree.

26 October 2010

Hersheypark in the Dark Celebration

We got on the road on Friday and drove through Thurmont (where we got married!) and Gettysburg on our way to our anniversary weekend destination...

I have been dying to go to an amusement park for over a year and our anniversary seemed like the perfect time to go. It wasn't gross and hot like the summer (it bordered on cold and I thought about buying this hat) and it was much less busy.

We spent Friday and Saturday nights at the park so we didn't feel rushed and had enough time to ride (and eat) everything we wanted. Part of the appeal of an amusement park for me is the terrible-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious food like funnel cake!

There was a sad discovery: roller coasters now make me feel sick, even when I'm on motion-sickness medicine, which I usually take before long drives, and thus was on. So, so, so sad. That didn't really stop us though - we went on at least four coasters and took little breaks in between each one while my head got back to normal. That said... this might be my last trip to an amusement park for a while.

We also made sure we got a corn dog. We were so excited we forgot to take a picture before we ate it! Yum. 

This picture of us riding the Fahrenheit (the coaster is shown above) is pretty fantastic - check out Jason's face. Straight up and straight down! We were both laughing the whole time. We couldn't see straight when the ride was over because it tossed us around so much!

They had a s'mores stand! They roasted the marshmallows for you and gave you a fresh s'more. Perfection for our anniversary. Such a sweet surprise.

The Blue Man Group was also in town so we decided to go all out and see them at the Hershey Theater as well. I have seen them twice before on their "Complex Rock" tour while promoting that album. It was a little less musical this time, but there were also new things I hadn't seen before. It was a great show!

It was a truly fantastic weekend.

Stay tuned - we have two more anniversary-related posts coming up later this week from our actual anniversary yesterday.

25 October 2010

One Year Ago Today

One year ago, I married the love of my life. I love you, Jason!

22 October 2010

Happy Anniversary Weekend to US!

We're off to start our fun anniversary weekend - our TRUE anniversary this time! We have a lot planned and we couldn't be more excited! Here is how my morning and long weekend started, thanks to my sweet husband.

A pumpkin donut and a pumpkin latte in bed! Dunkin Donuts has the best pumpkin lattes (in my humble pumpkin-loving opinion) and this was my first one this year. So delicious. Okay, I should be honest. I actually had two donuts, but I ate the first one before I took the picture. Mmm donuts...

We'll check back in when all is said and done.  Happy weekend, everyone!

21 October 2010

Hail to the Redskins

The other week, our good friends Mark and Sandy gave us tickets to the Redskins game. It was our first football game ever! It was a pretty, warm, sunny day and the Redskins won! We enjoyed very large hot dogs (my first one in ages!) and a bucket of Sprite while we enjoyed the game.

Thanks, Mark and Sandy!

15 October 2010

S'mores Celebration

Our s'mores day/sixth-ish anniversary last night.

Happy Weekend!

14 October 2010

S'mores Day!

Six years ago today, Jason and I started dating.

I was on my "fall break" and I came home.

October 13th:  We reunited after not seeing each other for many years. There was a lot of driving. We drove around catching up for about six and a half hours that night. There was lots of laughter and re-hashing of memories. A text from him at the end of the night: "thanks for makin me smile."

October 14th:  A concert. An arm around a shoulder. A kiss.

Today it seems kind of silly to celebrate our dating anniversary. But it's a day we'll probably always remember regardless - even when we start to forget the number of years we've been together (last year I thought we were at 4 years... which offended Jason. Sorry, honey).

We plan to celebrate it with s'mores... because you know how much we love them!

I'm thinkin' it should be a yearly tradition! Happy S'mores Day, dear Husband!

09 October 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

October 9th has long been a day for celebration in my life.  Lucky little nine year old Kaitlyn got a new set of family 16 years ago today!  Happy Anniversary to my parents!!!  Here's wishing you many, many more joyful years together.  We can't wait to celebrate with you guys tonight!

AND just two years ago, October 9th welcomed a new little lady into the world.  Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet niece, Esme!  We love watching you grow and change.  You have become such a sweet, smart, and fun little girl!  Hugs and Kisses from your Aunt Kait, Uncle Jason, and "Ruf"!

08 October 2010

Fall Chili

Jason makes a really delicious chili that we eat all throughout the year - even in the summer. But eating it today makes it feel like a true fall day. Sweet husband he is, he makes a batch for me (with peppers, onions, corn, and chunks of tomatoes), and a separate plain batch for himself. I think next time we're going to try to make some crock-pot chili to change things up a bit!

07 October 2010

Thursday Thank You Notes

Free Love & Stars {Creative Commons} 
Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Dear Dad,
Thank you for taking a walk with me and Rufus. We should take them more often. I really enjoyed spending time with you and Rufus loved the extra long walk.

Dear Al,
Thank you for taking me and Jakob to brunch. It was fun. Looking forward to hanging out again on Saturday!

Dear Sandy,
Thank you for slipping your leftover banana bread into my bag before we left the lake the other weekend. It was such a sweet (and delicious) surprise.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for the Redskins tickets this weekend. We're looking forward to the game (our first ever)!

Dear Earth,
Thank you for rotating into fall. I love the weather, the changing seasons, the coziness.

Dear ???,
Thank you for the cute little orange smiley face charm that you anonymously left on my office chair a few weeks ago. It made my day and is now friends with my little glass piggy that MA gave to me last year.

Dear Sara,
Thank you for checking in on me again. Thank you for being a mentor and friend.

Dear yoga,
Thank you for making me a better/happier/healthier person. I need to do you more often.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for putting up with me when I am at my worst, when I'm driving even myself crazy. I love you.


01 October 2010

What do you do on the first day of October?

You wrap up in an orange scarf, carry your orange purse, wear your orange hat...

...and cuddle up in your favorite orange blanket!

Happy October everyone!!!!