07 October 2010

Thursday Thank You Notes

Free Love & Stars {Creative Commons} 
Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Dear Dad,
Thank you for taking a walk with me and Rufus. We should take them more often. I really enjoyed spending time with you and Rufus loved the extra long walk.

Dear Al,
Thank you for taking me and Jakob to brunch. It was fun. Looking forward to hanging out again on Saturday!

Dear Sandy,
Thank you for slipping your leftover banana bread into my bag before we left the lake the other weekend. It was such a sweet (and delicious) surprise.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for the Redskins tickets this weekend. We're looking forward to the game (our first ever)!

Dear Earth,
Thank you for rotating into fall. I love the weather, the changing seasons, the coziness.

Dear ???,
Thank you for the cute little orange smiley face charm that you anonymously left on my office chair a few weeks ago. It made my day and is now friends with my little glass piggy that MA gave to me last year.

Dear Sara,
Thank you for checking in on me again. Thank you for being a mentor and friend.

Dear yoga,
Thank you for making me a better/happier/healthier person. I need to do you more often.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for putting up with me when I am at my worst, when I'm driving even myself crazy. I love you.


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