29 October 2010

Fav Boots

These boots are the best. My college friends pitched in and got them for me for my 21st b-day from Anthropologie (thanks, girls!). I've been wanting to wear them but don't think they're quite work-appropriate (am I wrong? If so, I'll keep wearing them). But today was casual Friday and the last day of work before Halloween and they seemed fitting and appropriate.

Aware and not caring that my oranges clash.

Happy Halloweenie weekend!


  1. they're adorable and look super comfy, but i don't think they're work appropriate (although one can dream!) haha

  2. Monica - yeah, it's sad because the same boot in black would be more appropriate and that feels like color discrimination! Sometimes it's hard to love orange so much. The world seems to be embracing it more and more though :)