22 October 2009

3 days and counting!

Hello, people! We are 3 days out! I kept meaning to write again but things have been CRAZY!

Some highlights:

Jason and I celebrated our five year anniversary on October 14. Because it's our anniversary of dating, it's really the last year we can celebrate it! Next year we'll have a whole new anniversary date and a new milestone to celebrate!

We went to the lake and were all by ourselves over Columbus Day weekend - just like when we got engaged. We even ate some smores! It was a great time to get a little relaxation because the craziness started right when we got back. I'm so glad we had that weekend to ourselves!

We both had parties that our offices threw for us - and we both got to attend both of them which was really nice. It was so sweet.

I saw Hanson twice this week. One of the times I was 4 feet in front of them with nothing but air between us for an hour and a half. Talk about a really great week - it started with Hanson and it'll end with marriage!

We got our ketubah yesterday. It's beautiful... but they spelled my middle name wrong. Go figure! Apparently another one should be here tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

The guys are getting their tuxes fitted today - hopefully that'll all go well because the tux place has been a little... unreliable. Hopefully they'll wow us and everything will be perfect today!

Things are pretty darn crazy. There is still a lot to do but slowly my list is getting smaller. Maitha came into town on Monday. She was a huge help yesterday driving me all around while Jason was at work for his last day. Erin is coming in today and the rest will follow tomorrow!

Just a reminder to everyone to use the directions listed in the email below. You can use MapQuest and GPS's to get you to the major highways, but once you turn off you'll need the directions in the links below. Please use them!

See you all at 12 noon on Sunday! We can't wait!