17 August 2009


We’re out of the old apartment. Turned in our keys this afternoon. We worked our booties off cleaning it yesterday and even rented a steam cleaner to get the carpet looking beautiful only to learn that they have cleaners come in to clean the place and then check the apartment again. So that was all for naught. And then we learned that they somehow LOST our move-in inspection sheet which listed all of the things that were wrong with the apartment when we moved in. WHAT? The guy that did our move-out inspection said we shouldn’t be charged for anything but there were issues we moved in and if we get charged for them because they conveniently “lost” the move-in sheet I will go crazy. Absolutely crazy. I’m convinced that the woman that we signed the lease with purposely threw the sheet away. Before we signed the lease she talked about loving shelter puppies and the elderly. After we signed the lease for said apartment I realized she was lying. She was not a nice person. Not nice at all.

The good news is that we're done with that place. DONE! The negativity of the place is gone and we are in a happier place. On Saturday, we moved into the new place. Thanks to our good friends Jessica and Joel, we got moved in pretty quickly. We moved out within our 3 hour allotted period for the elevator and loading dock and got moved in even more quickly. It was an amazing experience compared to our move-in experience last year.

We’re happy with the new place. The courtyard is SO nice. It's HUGE. Like in college it generates a feeling of community because people hang out on it. The night we moved in, someone was having a BBQ in the courtyard. Jason saw someone reading underneath a tree. People garden and spend time outside their apartment. When we walk Rufus there are other dog owners walking their dogs too. We really lucked out.




05 August 2009

It's beginning to feel real

The past week has been really productive – it's crack-down time now! We'll be pretty crazy-busy until Labor Day and then we'll have a little bit of breathing time again. I'll try to write again before then but if you don't hear from me it's because we're going crazy!

We got our rings! They're really pretty and engraved. I love them. I love them so much that I kept taking them out of their box enough that Jason informed me we would have to shine them again before the wedding. My bad! I'll try not to touch them again until October. Operative word: try.

We went tux hunting again and decided on one. Hopefully it looks good. They could dress the manikins to show us what the tuxes looked like but not the real man. What? Does that even make sense? The tie/vest colors still weren't matching the bridesmaids' dress color so we went tie shopping this weekend and came home with ties for the groomsmen and a few different options for Jason.

Speaking of apparel, tonight Allison is taking me to get my second wedding dress fitting. I'm excited because it should actually fit me now!

Our Aruba honeymoon is all booked. I can't wait! I’m very much looking forward to pina coladas on the beach and of course spending time with my new hubby.

We also got paint for our new bedroom which Eddie and I will be painting on Friday night after work. And then Jason and I are moving on the 15th!

All that and we still had time to see the musical Spring Awakening at the Kennedy Center thanks to my parents who gave us a gift certificate for Christmas last year (thank you!). It was really good… and was fun to get dressed up! I particularly enjoyed it because Duncan Sheik wrote all of the music for it. It was very much his style – I could tell without a doubt that he composed the pieces.

I can't believe how close the wedding is now… it makes me both nervous and excited. Nervous because I still have a lot of decisions to make and excited because I'm ready to marry my man!