14 April 2010

Maitha Visits!

Maitha came all the way from Belgium to stay with me and Jason while she shot a wedding. We hung out all week and had a blast.  Maitha brought me and Jason delicious teas, cookies, and chocolate from Belgium... and as if that wasn't enough she also cooked delicious food for us! Rufus was also glad to have someone home with him while Jason and I worked. Throughout the week, we went bowling, frolicking around Arlington, shooting (photos) in DC, and also managed to see one of my favorite musicians, Bleu, perform in Vienna. Here we are with Eddie on a lunch break where we stopped at the Dairy Godmother and then took a walk on the beautiful spring day... and found my favorite flower, lilacs, in full bloom!

Miss you, Maitha!

04 April 2010

Radios and Refrigerators

I've grown an appreciation for the radio once again. For a long time I didn't listen to it at all, partially because I didn't have a car (and that's the only place I listen to it) and partially because they kept taking the "good" stations away in DC. Well, new ones are slowly popping up and I've stopped being a music snob enough to the point where I can now enjoy the crappy/catchy music on the radio. I think this is a good thing. Certain songs remind me a lot about certain points in my life and the emotions I was feeling at the time that they were new and overplayed on the radio. I want to be able to hear songs from today (even if they're crap) and remember these days I'm having now. My newlywed days! We have had quite a few warmer days lately and it's been so much fun to drive with the windows down and the radio playing! It makes me feel like I'm 16 and carefree again.

We had my family over for brunch last weekend. It was about time - this is the first time we've had them over to our apartment and we've been living here since August! It's shameful, really. So we had a mega waffle brunch.

01 Radios and Refrigerators

02 Radios and Refrigerators

Jakob, who was once afraid of dogs thanks to one biting his face as a toddler, let Rufus lay next to him and petted him for quite a long time.

We also celebrated Passover last weekend at my parents' house. Jason tried to take some pictures of me and the Sammy-Man, my littlest cousin. He was only a month old at our wedding... he's getting to be so big now! Look at his cute little smile! He loves his tongue just like his granddaddy - he even smiles with his tongue!

03 Radios and Refrigerators

We've been getting a few really pretty days lately. I've broken out the spring and summer dresses and skirts and I'm loving it. I even convinced Jason to eat outside with me on our "porch" one night. It was so nice!

04 Radios and Refrigerators

I love this time of year because we start getting yummy produce. I'm so excited for summer fruit and veggies. YUM! Here's something you might not know about me: I love to look in people's refrigerators. I don't know why, but I find it fascinating. So, here is what our fridge and fruit bowl looked like last week, before we cleared it out to go to the lake.

05 Radios and Refrigerators

Spinach, wheat tortillas, strawberries, yogurt, cheeses, turkey, chicken, chili, hummus, blackberries, deli bread, flourless chocolate cake (yummmm), Simply orange/mango juice and limeaide, grapefruits, cucumber, asparagus, avocados, in the mystery containers: refried beans, waffles, and Jason's homemade chicken and dumplings.

06 Radios and Refrigerators

So colorful!

We just got back from the lake a couple of hours ago. What a gorgeous weekend we had! I don't think we had been to the lake since before our wedding. It was so nice to get back there. On Saturday, Jason and I took a nice long walk. We walked across the dike to say that we had done it and also to look at a house I love on the other side. After about an hour walking out in the sun, we both got a bit of a sunburn. It's not cute, but it makes me happy that the sun is out once again! I relaxed more than anything and slacked off a little bit on pictures. Here are a couple of Esme - one with Uncle Jason. They're pointing to "Aunt Ki-Ki"!!!

07 Radios and Refrigerators