14 October 2010

S'mores Day!

Six years ago today, Jason and I started dating.

I was on my "fall break" and I came home.

October 13th:  We reunited after not seeing each other for many years. There was a lot of driving. We drove around catching up for about six and a half hours that night. There was lots of laughter and re-hashing of memories. A text from him at the end of the night: "thanks for makin me smile."

October 14th:  A concert. An arm around a shoulder. A kiss.

Today it seems kind of silly to celebrate our dating anniversary. But it's a day we'll probably always remember regardless - even when we start to forget the number of years we've been together (last year I thought we were at 4 years... which offended Jason. Sorry, honey).

We plan to celebrate it with s'mores... because you know how much we love them!

I'm thinkin' it should be a yearly tradition! Happy S'mores Day, dear Husband!


  1. Happy S'mores Day to you both. I think little traditions like that are important in a relationship. And I sometimes get my wedding date mixed up, I always thought it was the guy who forget the special dates! Enjoyed visiting your blog, am now an official follower!

  2. I haven't had a smore in YEARS!