22 October 2010

Happy Anniversary Weekend to US!

We're off to start our fun anniversary weekend - our TRUE anniversary this time! We have a lot planned and we couldn't be more excited! Here is how my morning and long weekend started, thanks to my sweet husband.

A pumpkin donut and a pumpkin latte in bed! Dunkin Donuts has the best pumpkin lattes (in my humble pumpkin-loving opinion) and this was my first one this year. So delicious. Okay, I should be honest. I actually had two donuts, but I ate the first one before I took the picture. Mmm donuts...

We'll check back in when all is said and done.  Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That does look delish! It's the reason I always gain so much weight on visits to the US. But I've yet to try a pumpkin donut, sounds good! xx

  2. The donut was still soft and fresh - it was so delicious. If only I could eat like that every day :) Sharmeen, you definitely have to find a pumpkin donut - they are so good!