02 November 2010

Anniversary Cake!

Continuing with tradition, Jason and I ate the anniversary tier of our cake on our anniversary.  A little unsure what to expect from a frozen year-old cake (we heard some people say it was terrible while others said it was great), we rescued it from the freezer at my parents' house.

Last year, we cut the slice of cake a little too small for the cake knife to get it out. Here we are trying to figure out how to get our slice out without ruining the rest of the cake.

This year, we learned from our mistake and cut the piece bigger but had issues getting the knife through the (frozen) cake. Here we are muscling our way through it.

Last year, we went the clean route and used forks to feed cake to each other. That was the only bite of it we got that day... oh how I wish I ate more.

This year, in less expensive clothes, we went the messier route.

Last year: Delicious cake. It was a white butter cake torte layered with fresh strawberries and a
Grand Marnier accented whipped cream.

This year: Same cake. Not the same taste. It tasted like freezer and frozen strawberries. The frosting was actually pretty good but we're not the type to eat frosting without cake.

We had a really nice dinner with my family regardless of the not-so-delicious cake. It was fun to reminisce about the wedding, and doing so with our families made it that much better.