17 November 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle

I get excited for the holidays early. We put these pretty lights up last weekend. I might be your worst nightmare if you don't like people that start bringing the holiday stuff out early... but I'm super happy with my lights. They put me in the best mood! Even Rufus' eyes sparkle to match their glow (haha). See our tiny Christmas tree on top of our bookshelf in the corner there? That is where it lives in the non-holiday months. Once it comes down, we'll light our pine-scented candle and pretend that we have a real tree... but maybe not until after Thanksgiving :)

Does anyone else get excited about the holidays this early or is it just me?


  1. Oh I'm already excited about the holiday season, all the stores already have their lights and decorations up. And bad luck or not, I have been singing Christmas songs. Can't help myself. We've not got decorations up in the house or anything yet because it's too early. But I can't wait to get them out and write all my Christmas cards!
    Your tree looks so tiny! How comes you can't have a real one??? xx

  2. Our tree IS tiny. We don't have room for a big one. I suppose we could by a real one that is small... but we usually go with Jason's parents to cut theirs down and don't spend Christmas in our apartment anyway, so we get our yearly dose of Christmas trees from our family :)