23 June 2010


Making a guest appearance in my wonderful other half's world, I just had to make a post after such a shocking event!

We went out for our favorite type of dinner...breakfast! IHOP ran a pancake club which gave out a free meal, so we cashed in. Chocolate chip pancakes for the lady, rooty tooty fresh and fruity (minus the fruit topping) for myself. Reaching the last bite of my bacon there was a request from the other side of the table.

breakfast for dinner

Recently on a trip to the lake she held my burger for a minute or two and talked about taking a bite, she backed out of that one but has been talking more about it ever since. Tonight was was a different story....

Behold a bite of salty delicious PORK, yes PORK bacon! Covered in eggs but still, bacon flavor conquers all.


Why stop at bacon when there is still a bit of egg and a few sausage links on the plate? Not one, but two bites of sausage! So proud of her! I declined to make her open her mouth for a proof positive picture but I assure you she ate it to no ill effects!


In no time I'll be cooking her a filet mignon to savor while our dog drools and stares at us.

Another picture from our recent weekend, she decided to make a frappaccino and ended up with one extra large venti, I handed her a straw joking that it was big enough not to fit in any of our cups, lo and behold she thought it was a great idea.

homemade Frapp

I bid all her thousands, yes I have high expectations, of viewers adieu, back to the home search, the trust world, and our small little apartment with our small little pup...



  1. Dear Jason,
    You'll need to make more posts, seeing as how my immediate future will consist of countless hours of studying for papers and exams. Not only that, but I'll be doing this in MARYLAND.

    I'll live vicariously through you and your lovely wife's blog,

  2. love it, great post!! miss you both!! xoxo

  3. Eddie, I love your comments.

    Ali, come visit!!!