28 June 2010

We Love Thunderstorms

We just got a crazy summer thunderstorm.  Tons of loud, loud thunder, lightening, wind, and sheets of rain. Rufus and I sat at the door and watched it all fall down.  Once it stopped we took a little walk to examine the damage.  We found a taped off street and cops blocking traffic because this was down:


Needless to say, our power was out for a few hours. It just came back on, thank goodness.  We were sweatin'!  I was kind of looking forward to a candlelit night, but now we can eat a proper dinner rather than large glasses of milk, guacamole, salsa, pina colada mix (we were going to mash ice up), and hot dogs - the things we were going to try to eat before they went bad in the fridge.  Now we're cookin' Indian!  Yum!  And by "cook" I mean we went to Trader Joe's last night and we're putting Indian in the oven.  And by "we're" I mean Jason.  Although, to my credit, I did turn the oven on and take the naan out of the package before he insisted on taking over.  I love my husband.

P.S. Sorry to our RSS feed readers. I know you got a bit of an overload of old posts this weekend when I imported the old blog into this one!

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