01 July 2010

Happy July!

This month will be great.
We're starting it at the lake this weekend.
There will be a surprise that I am very excited about. (You'll hear about it when it happens.)
And last but not least, we're flying up to the Vineyard for my Grandma's 70th birthday party.

Speaking of birthdays, last night was Allison's and Jason and I spent the evening with my family to celebrate.  They told us all about their trip to London and France and there was no shortage of laughter.  First there was talk of the great, exciting things they saw. And then Jakob got his devilish little giggle and began to tell the other stories. Apparently driving was a little crazy around there - and their trip included stories of parking on a sidewalk as well as stopping in the middle of the road in one of the world's busiest traffic circles while everyone honked. In the moment, I'm sure these were very stressful times... but last night the stories made for lots of laughter.

I love my family!

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