02 April 2009

"March, I'm gonna march you down the aisle"

March was good to us. I had a great birthday which revolved around really good food for three whole days! It was a delicious time. The one thing we did that didn’t revolve around food was going to the movies to see Coraline in 3-D. It was the first movie we had seen in the theaters for ages. It was so much fun! Here we are in our stylish glasses.


Hot stuff!

Rufus has been doing well too – we’ve had him for a full year now (as of March 1)! His vet visit was good – he’s healthy as can be. He is still as energetic as ever and has actually been a bit of a terror lately – chewing up a lot of things including an entire bag of food on one occasion. We’re still chalking it up to puppy-hood and hope that his chewing subsides eventually, but we won’t be surprised if he ends up being crazy and chew-happy forever. Also of note, the other day we met a dog at the dog park named Percy who could have been his brother! It’s the first Jack-Chi that we have ever seen in person other than Rufus himself.

We’ve also been taking videos of him lately because he is so funny to watch. The most recent two are of him leaping for spaghetti (excuse my obnoxious laughing in this one - is my laugh really that high-pitched valley girl-esk? yuck...) and digging in the backseat of Jason’s car. He’s a crazy pup!

Wedding plans are moving along: We have thought more about who will marry us. The flower girl dresses are being purchased this weekend and I will hopefully find a veil. The save the date cards and the invitations have been ordered and are now in our possession waiting to be addressed/stamped/etc and the guest list needs to be finalized (this has not been a happy subject with size restrictions, unfortunately... so I've been avoiding it but I know I really need to deal with it). Jason has actually planned the honeymoon as well - we have tickets! I'll leave it at that and let him post more about it later. While there is still plenty to do, it feels more like it's actually doable now!


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