08 March 2009

Visiting ThorpeWood #2

We have been pretty busy with wedding planning the past couple of weeks! Things are finally coming together and getting finalized and the list of things to do is getting smaller. I'm finally beginning to stress out less and enjoy the excitement of being engaged more!

Last weekend Jason, Allison, my dad, and I went to visit ThorpeWood for our tasting with the caterers. This time I promised myself I would capture the place better than I did the first time. Here are a few pictures of the inside - it's a little dark, but you can still see how pretty it is!

We tasted a lot of delicious food and nailed down our menu for the wedding - along with the cake! I'm going to keep the menu and the flavor of the cake a secret but I'll fill you in on two little festive details: there will be hot apple cider and the top tier of the cake is pumpkin! Originally I wanted the entire cake to be pumpkin since it's festive for October and also because I love it, but ended up nixing that because Jason doesn't like pumpkin cake and also because the love of pumpkin cake is not quite as wide-spread as say... a white butter cake. But, at the last second, I decided to have the top tier be pumpkin! I'm pretty excited.

I told my bridesmaids that I was done searching for orange dresses, and thus the search for burgundy dresses begun. Soon after that, Erin found a cute dress that all of the other girls approved of so I ordered them! That was a few weeks ago. When they came in they were a little lighter in color than I anticipated so I was sitting on them for a while unsure about whether they were what I wanted or not. I had Mai try hers on and she loved it... and so now I'm sold. I'll be sending the other girls their dresses soon!

We also nailed the flower girl dresses down! They will be the same ivory color as my dress and the same silk chiffon as the bridesmaids dresses. They are darling little dresses. Emma is particularly excited and wants to know what shoes she'll be wearing!

Speaking of shoes, I think I found mine. Unless I cross another pair that I like better, these are going to be the ones!


My grandma thinks I'm CRAZY and no doubt my other grandmother will think the same thing. I think they're cute! Plus they're comfy and you can see my toes! I'll get them painted prettily!

This morning we interviewed a second photographer and decided between her and the other lady we had interviewed the other week. The decision was easy. We really liked the first lady we met with a lot. Our check to book her for the day will go out in the mail tomorrow! Another box checked off of the list! We've also blocked hotel rooms, booked a rehearsal dinner location, and have ordered invitation samples.

Now all that we have left to book is someone to marry us, music, and a florist. Eddie's grandma might do the bouquets and I'm thinking about asking a close family friend to marry us but I want to make sure that it is not going to be time-consuming for them to get ordained to do so beforehand. We also need to buy our rings and I need to think about hair and makeup. And then of course I'll have to start thinking about decorations and the littler details but I think I'll relax for a while and think about that later on! But until then, I am ALL EARS for ideas about all of these things!

Things are really (finally) coming together! YAY! I'll leave you with one last picture of ThorpeWood - this is right inside the door :)


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