27 June 2011

Dry DC Days

We have been SO LUCKY because the weather in DC has not been very DC-like at all. We have had a few yucky humid days, but also quite a few gorgeous dry(ish) days. Yesterday was one of them, so we took advantage. We started our day early with a belated Father's Day breakfast with my dad and little bro who are back in town after a trek to Seattle and Utah to visit family and friends. Jason and I headed downtown afterward to visit the Crime and Punishment museum and then took a nice long walk to Founding Farmers for a late lunch. My favorite thing about this restaurant is their homemade ginger ale (you know how much I love my ginger drinks) which is spicy and refreshing. Jason tried their orange soda which was pretty tasty too. If I didn't love the ginger ale so much I would try all of their yummy drinks, but I think I'm stuck on it for life. After tweeting about it, a friend linked me to this homemade ginger ale recipe which I must try!

I wish DC had more beautiful summer days like yesterday... We'll keep on wishin'...

P.S. Dear future children, it's okay with me if you don't get my hazel eyes and get your daddy's gorgeous blue eyes instead.


  1. I like your little P.S note!
    I've always wanted to go to D.C. but Adam is convinced its just a crime hub! lol! But there is so much history and the Crime and Punishment museum sounds interesting. I think I'm gonna have to convince him...or just say I'm going, knowing he'll follow to make sure I'm safe! lol! xx

  2. Goodness! It is not a crime hub! Parts of it are not great, but I think the same goes for every city - there are good parts and bad parts. I hope you get to visit it sometime because it's really quite lovely here! There is a lot to see, do, and experience!