08 June 2011

Cooking with Bundaberg

Can you tell what that is I'm loving on and drinking while cooking?
It's a bottle of nostalgia.

I drank Bundaberg's Ginger Beer constantly throughout my months in Australia. I got large bottles of it before long bumpy bus trips across the country to prevent carsickness (along with my trusty Bonine when the ginger just didn't cut it). It is one of the food/drink items I frequently talk about missing because it was the best ginger beer I've ever had.

I want to say I discovered it in the Outback, but I can't quite remember. I can picture the shop I bought my first bottle in, on the side of a dirt road. The shop had a run-down quality to it, but you could tell it was well-loved and cared for just the same. It had creaky, dusty wooden floorboards that let you know it had been around for a while. I remember it was very, very early in the morning and there were only a few of us in there - the few that had just hopped out of a bus that was about to embark on a road trip. I remember a friendly Aussie telling me to, "give it a go" instead of the ginger ale I was reaching for because it had real ginger pieces in it. After that, I drank very large bottles of it at a time.

I miss Australia so damn much it hurts sometimes. I was just talking with my boss this afternoon about how I would move there in a heartbeat if I didn't have family here.

Thank you, World Market, for making me a super happy girl and carrying my bottle of nostalgia.


  1. ahhh i love ginger beer! i will have to go to world market and check this out because it looks AWESOME.

  2. @Lauren - Definitely check it out. It is delicious. You know it's good when you can see little bits of ginger floating around in it!

  3. I'm not sure I've ever had ginger beer but I love ginger drinks in general so I'm sure I'd enjoy it!