07 May 2010

I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

Back in December, my loving husband bought me the best Christmas present ever: tickets to see five Hanson shows in five nights in NYC – each night they'd perform a different album.  I found out about the shows late one night right before heading to bed. For three hours, I stayed up and went back and forth about whether or not I should buy tickets and go.  I wanted to go, but it seemed ridiculous to take an entire week off from work to see a band.   That said, they're my favorite band... aaand playing each of their albums in a concert series sounded (epic) like something that really couldn't be missed.  I checked how much vacation I had left – exactly five days more than Jason – perfect.   So I got the tickets.  After purchasing them, I still went back and forth and tried to sell them.  Twice.   I could have sold them because they sold out very quickly, but I was still hesitant to get rid of them.

In the end, I kept them and I'm damn glad that I did!  April 26 – April 30 were the five nights.  The shows were amazing and I was on a high from them for days afterward.  I met my friend Elyssa each night to go to the shows.  Her friend Randi also joined us for two shows and my friend Ali for one of them!  It was so much fun to go to a bunch of shows in a row and hear all different music each night.  It was a great experience!

01 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

It wasn't just the shows that made my time in NYC great though – it was the all-around vacation experience.  I got to see a lot of friends and some family.  Kerri was my personal tour guide for the week.  Here we are at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

02 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

I spent the first two nights with her and Beans (her sweet pup), but was also lucky enough to spend each day with her.  We scheduled our days around food because we both love it.  One night we even got to see her and Jason's cousin, Jen, for dinner!  Of course I didn't take a picture.  That would have been too perfect.  We ate vegetarian food, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, more Mexican, and an awful lot of Pinkberry (my #1 craving that I can't have because it's not local).  We walked around everywhere – Chelsea Market (where I saw Shia LaBeouf or his doppelganger - meh, almost not worth mentioning), Central Park, the MET, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and all around Brooklyn in general.

03 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

The last three nights I stayed with Ali.  She had to work during the days, but it was fun to hang out with her after the shows.  One night we even got to see another college friend, Jessie!  Again, no picture of that.  I really need to learn to be more aware of moments in time which I should be capturing.

04 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

We got lucky and were also able to hang out a little bit on Saturday morning before I left.

05 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

We met up with one of my Aussie girlies, Ashbo, and her boyfriend Dan for brunch at one of their favorite places, Good Enough to Eat.  Aren't they cute?  I got pumpkin french toast.  Can't go wrong with anything pumpkin in my book!

06 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

I had been to NYC a few times before, but I was younger and was with my parents or aunt and never really understood the city. This time I took the subway nearly everywhere and walked everywhere else and really learned about the city.  I grew an appreciation for it that I did not have before.

07 I Heart NYC, Hanson, and my Hubby

I was a little sad for my vacation to end, but it was really good to be back home.   Driving into DC I couldn't help but notice how CLEAN it is in comparison to NYC.   AND I came home to a clean apartment because I have the best hubby ever!  Let it be known that the title to this entry is in reverse order of importance!

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