24 May 2010


I want to get back into shooting film.  There is a new iphone app that shoots like a Holga. I have always wanted a Holga so I can have fun with their dreamy-quality photos. Now I have a digital version of one (as long as I have Jason and his iphone with me, haha)! Yes, it's terrible quality and very pixelated but it's still fun to shoot even if they're not fantastic in the end.

The other day we got a thunderstorm. A real one. Thunder and lightening. It only lasted a few minutes but it was beautiful.

lots of rain

fun in the rain

As much as Jason and I love thunderstorms, we have one little dude in the family that does not.

scared pup

I still want a Holga. And I still want to shoot film again on an SLR. I have my dad's old film SLR from maybe the 70's? It has a very 70's looking strap on it so I'm going to go with that. I took a few shots with it back in middle school and haven't really touched it since. I think it might be broken - many of the shots were half dark, but I'm going to buy a roll of film and see what happens. Why not, right?

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  1. As much as the digital SLR's are convenient and fun, film SLR's will always be in a league of their own. I have one from my "college days" (Can I even say that yet? haha) and I use it occasionally - mostly for portraits. I say go for it, experiment with settings to remedy the half-dark photos. Let me know how it goes! :)