24 November 2008

Picking a spot...

On Saturday Kaitlyn, Allison, my mom, and I got up early to go look at a few places for the wedding day. It was off to Maryland and into the snow covered forest. Our first stop was ThorpeWood, a wonderful wooden lodge tucked into the middle of nowhere. They are a non-profit organization and they have like 432 different places to hold the ceremony. The lady who runs the place has done over a hundred weddings and really seems to know what she is doing. Seems like the perfect place, we loved it.

We headed off to Frederick Maryland for lunch and to discuss other wedding topics. We stopped at a little place on the main street and had some excellent food. After warming up and chowing down we headed on to the next place, which the owner wouldn't even come out to show us in person (a bad sign if you ask me). It was very different, it wasn't in the woods, it was made of wood, but it just didn't have any personality like Thorpewood.

We looked up a few more places closer to home and traveled down to see them, we weren't very impressed to say the least. Though the last place we stopped was very close to home and worth looking into. Still we are very taken with Thorpewood and it will most likely stay at the top of our list even after we visit a few more places.

More updates to come.


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