17 November 2008

Back from LA

I just got back from LA... and it was a productive visit! It was a stroke of good luck that the trip I had planned before I knew I'd be engaged was to visit two of my closest friends - meaning I just so happened to be visiting two of my bridesmaids, Erin and Maitha!

We may have picked out the bridesmaids dress. I think we’ll look around a bit more, but we all liked the one we found… and best of all – it’s orange! Yes, I’m having an orange October wedding which probably won’t surprise most people!

I also tried on a few dresses – one of which I liked, but I am going to continue to look around.  I learned that I really like lace and that I don't really like satin (too fancy)... but that still leaves a lot to be discovered. I'll definitely be looking around more. In fact, Allison set up a dress appointment for the weekend of Thanksgiving so that my grandma can come!

Erin and I did a lot of browsing in the book store and got some neat ideas... my favorite of which is a cute little suit that a couple put their dog in that said "ring bearer". I hope that wherever I get married they allow dogs so we can do that! Otherwise, we're sort of out of luck in the ringbearer department- there are no little boys in our life - just little girls!

Jason and I have made up our initial guest list - we want a small wedding, but because of the larger the size of our families and very close family friends we've grown up with, it's not going to be quite as small as we envisioned.  Not the end of the world!

I was really miserable when I got back home yesterday - I had taken a red eye flight that left LA at 1:00 am, had a 3 hour lay-over in Atlanta, and got to DC at 1:00 pm. Miserable. I took a 4 hour nap and when I woke up, I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers! My parents sent them to us with the sweetest note and signed it "Your Parents/Soon to be parents in law" - Yay!


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