24 November 2008

Thorpewood, Continued

Just a little more on Thorpewood... It is so BEAUTIFUL. We got out of the car after driving along an unpaved, uphill winding street to see the lodge covered in snow. It was snowing up there! We walked in and it looked gorgeous - better than the pictures online. The fire was going strong in its stone fireplace and their tables (all made out of wood, including the legs) were all set up for a Thanksgiving meal. Thorpewood is actually a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged kids in the area - they were having a Thanksgiving meal for some of the kids and their family. It was really touching to see.

Not only is the lodge made of wood, but the tables and chairs, including their legs are too! They already had fall-like decorations set out - lots of pumpkins and fall leaves. AND! They use one caterer who would handle all linens, flatware, silverware, and even the cake! Best of all? The tables that were set out had ORANGE napkins! Perfection! At the restaurant that we went to in Frederick about 20 mins away to eat lunch, our waitress suggested the caterer they use and spoke of the lady by name ("she's a genius and everything she does is perfection") - which was really great to hear!

There are a bunch of different outside locations that we can hold the ceremony, including a beautiful open space near a pond, over a stone bridge, in a pine cathedral (a space in between pine trees that is shaped like a cathedral and has pine benches), and a few garden locations. The lady that showed us around really knew what she was doing so I know that I won't have to worry about things going wrong which is helpful.

AND! They are dog-friendly so little Ru could be our ring-bearer! Hooray!

If we end up getting married there, the date of the wedding will be October 25, 2009.


P.S. This is the picture that made me fall in love with the place:

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