30 June 2012

We Saved the Ice Cream

We had a little storm last night... you might have heard about it or experienced it yourself. It was... a little bigger than little. Of course our power went out because when doesn't our power go out when it rains in the summertime? The difference is this time we're going to lose food which luckily doesn't happen to us often despite losing power. But don't worry - we saved the ice cream. It was one of those ideas that seems like a really great one until afterward when your belly is full of peanut butter ice cream at 1 am. Still, I'm glad we saved it. You know, priorities and all that. Plus, it makes for good memories: Husband and wife eating ice cream out of multiple containers in the wee hours of the morning by flashlight in their underwear.

The second tree behind the first one (no, those aren't bushes, that is a tree spanning across our one-way street) is the real doozy - right on our power lines.

We had a little birthday breakfast with Al this morning before I had to head to work. It was supposed to be a nice brunch but the restaurant didn't have power. It took us a while to find food without a line that looked like it would take 40 minutes to get through. Lots of people without power 'round these parts! We had to settle for grocery store bagels and vending machine coffee. Such a pathetic birthday meal. Needless to say, we owe Al a better meal at some point!

I drove home toward the end of the storm last night around midnight when the wind and rain calmed. However, the lightening was still strutting its stuff and I witnessed some incredible blasts in the sky going over the bridge. Mother Nature, you are truly something special.

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