18 June 2012

Dave Matthews Band: LIVE!

Dave Matthews Band has been one of my favorite bands since I started caring about music in middle school. Jason has liked them just as long, if not longer. I actually prefer their live albums over their studio ones (I have memories of constantly stealing Jason's live discs from him in high school) so seeing them live has been something I've wanted to do for a long time. On Saturday night, we made it happen!

The drive was twice as long as we expected. I thought the show started 1.5 hours earlier than it actually did so sitting in traffic minutes before we thought it was going to start was making me antsy. I took a few photos while we sat there to pass the time... and had a one-woman Katy Perry dance party with the windows down yelling, "I'm at the wrong concert, y'all!"

We made it just in time to stand in a slow-moving bathroom line, grab a beer, get our pit wristbands, and snap a few photos of how close we were to the stage despite thinking we were late!

And then the show started. And goodness was it a good one. And a loud one (I wanted to plug my ears at times which made me feel... old). There's nothin' like standing in front of a wall of speakers in the pit! We stood with a couple who had been to 50+ shows and they said this was one of the best they had been to and that we were lucky to be so close. We were about 6ish people back from the front and I could see Carter (the drummer & my fav) smiling away the whole time.

It was well worth the wait. I knew it would be.
They played a lot of newer music (I wish this one was included in the newer song lineup - we played it to introduce our parents & wedding party at our wedding reception!) when I'm a bigger fan of the older tunes, but I'm not complaining. They did play a few songs from Under the Table and Dreaming which is my fav studio album.
They were incredible.



  1. You two are JUST DARLING. You totally need to frame some of these shots lady.

    I miss seeing you daily!

    1. I miss seeing you too! Sniffle. Let's do lunch this week!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the show! I am going to my first DMB show (of five) of the summer this Friday...I think I am up to 30 shows now. They are always great!

    1. I thought of you while we were there! I remember I told you, "Next time they're in town I'm GOING." And I did! Have fun at all your shows this summer!