01 June 2012

Making Space

The other day I had a meltdown about the lack of space in our teeny apartment that ended in a trip to Ikea. We bought a wardrobe and in a situation that would probably test the patience of some marriages, we found ourselves laughing. A lot. Thank goodness we're able to do that. How do we get ourselves into these messes? First, will the boxes fit in the car? Eventually... but barely. Then, will it fit through the hall door and into the bedroom once made? No, not even close. So, is there enough room in the bedroom to build it? Yes, but only if you have the strength of three people, are able to hold the damn thing up for extended periods of time, and are able to laugh in the face of what seems impossible, even in the wee hours of the morning with sore muscles and bruises.

I so love that man I married.

She turned out pretty nice though, yes?
 I sure hope the next renters think so because they might inherit her.

P.S. I finally wrote about our Vegas Trip.


  1. Love it! It doesn't look like a typical boxy Ikea piece.

    1. Yeah! There were boxy wardrobes but they were actually more expensive than this one. Didn't make sense but we benefited! I think I'll have to get some new fun knobs...