02 April 2012

The Vegas

We did my 27th in Vegas (my first time). What does a non-gambling gal do in Vegas? Eat. Lots and lots of food. Enough to make a 5-pound food baby, to be exact. She ain't pretty, let me tell you, but Vegas food is not to be missed. Yum.

As a surprise, Erin flew in from LA for the day to hang with us! After a chocolatey breakfast at Max Brenner, we drove to Hoover Dam in our fancy convertible. We skipped the tour and walked over the dam instead. Whew, it's HIGH. I couldn't get all of it in the picture, but the scale is told by the tiny people up in the right-hand corner.

Also? It's windy. You like that hair?

Lots of walking, lots of eating, and a couple of shows later we were ready to come home. Until next time, Vegas!


  1. I'm jealous! You always go the most awesome places of all! =) Next time I'm into your deal.

    1. I wish you guys could have come! Next time you definitely have to come. New Orleans?