01 March 2012

Four Years Ago Today

March 1st is a special day in our little family's life. 
On February 29, 2008, I decided I wanted a dog. 
The next day, on March 1st, I made it happen... slightly to Jason's dismay. 
It's okay though - he warmed up to the little dude pretty quickly. 

02 Snowpocalypse 2.0 

Winter Snows 5



Since he's a rescue, we don't know Rufus' true birthday.
So we celebrate his homecoming day instead.
Happy Homecoming Day, Rufus.
You make our little family complete and we love you so much!



  1. My two favorite pictures of all time are in this post -- him eating the ice cream (what a face) and him wearing the sunglasses, talk about Hollywood!!!

    1. Tell Baby M he'd like to borrow her heart sunglasses. And maybe come July 4th I can find him a star collar to match her top!