02 July 2012


This is something that's pretty important to us, especially while we're childless. I'm not really one for repeat vacations (other than our mini ones to the lake). We may fall into the repeat vacays when we have kids (but I hope we don't), but for now there are so many places in this big world to see! Each year, we try to take a big vacation and visit a new place. Last year, it was our drive down most of the Pacific Coast Highway from Seattle to LA.

This year? Europe. More specifically, Brussels. Other than that? Probably France and Italy while we're out there... but we haven't really decided on anything yet other than we're flying in and out of Brussels so we can hang with our friends Maitha & Andreas (their wedding was part of our trip last year)! Jason is going for a week and a half and I'm going for three weeks before school starts. At this point we have less than a month before we're headed off - we're leaving later this month! Any suggestions for places to visit while we're out there? We're all ears!

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