04 July 2012

Power, Where Ya At?

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! We have plans to go down to the mall, but Jason is so not excited about the prospect of being outside in the heat (and doesn't love fireworks like I do) so we'll see what really happens... he's tried to keep me from wanting to go by telling me that Katy Perry will be on TV but it's not working... I figure I'll hear "Firework" all day anyway and we got a good Katy fix the other night (more on that later when I have internet to work with again) so I'm rearing to hang out in our nation's capital!

[photos from July 4, 2010]

As for our (lack of) power situation... Allow me to quote a neighbor friend's Facebook status from yesterday:

In my email today: "We still have no estimate for restoration of your power, because we just strung caution tape around the tree resting on your power lines and called it a day. Our billing department has power, though, so here is your bill reminder. Up yours, xoxo, Dominion."

Still no power 'round these parts! Today is day 5 (6 if you count Friday night) without power. Apparently there were 1.5 million people without power following the storm and as of yesterday there were about 300K. We're hoping by the weekend we'll have power again... but who knows?

I am so thankful for my generous in-laws that don't mind us hanging out in their house. Recently they were complaining about how rarely they've seen us lately due to my wonky work schedule... they may never do that again because we've been invading their space since Saturday morning!

Hopefully it'll come back on soon because our apartment is seriously cookin'. That, and I have a lot of things to blog about and very limited internet! So stay tuned...!!!


  1. Harness the power of the fireworks! BOOM! Did it work? =)

    1. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It had to be harnessed for a while but apparently it's back on now! Hooray!