19 August 2011

Seattle, Part 1: The Touristy Bits

First thing's first: Seattle was COLD. It was our first time in Seattle and while we expected rain and gray skies we didn't expect it to be so cold in mid-July! Secretly, we loved it (we can't wait for fall/winter). And we can't complain because it was hot as heck in DC while we were gone.

Our trip started with an overbooked motel nightmare, but luckily it was all uphill from there. The next morning we started fresh (possibly with bags under our eyes) and picked up our swanky Chevy Aveo (we missed our Subaru so. freaking. much. on this trip) before making our way to my dad's suggestion of Top Pot Doughnuts. Since I got my sweet tooth and my belly fat genes from my father, we of course made a stop there and got four doughnuts to share. Let me tell you: four doughnuts at Dunkin' does not equal four doughnuts at Top Pop. We didn't even get close to finishing them, but they were hands down the best doughnuts either of us had ever eaten.

Then we were off to the ferry to get over to Bainbridge Island to see the bride and groom, Maitha and Andreas! The ferry gave us great views of the Seattle skyline.

From then on, there was never a dull moment. We were always on the move. On the ferry to Seattle for errands, food, bars, fun. Riding the monorail, seeing the Space Needle, meeting up with old high school friends, hitting the Pike Place Market, walking around the city. And finally, back on Bainbridge for wedding festivities. Here are the semi-touristy stops we made along the way...

Pretty sunset along the harbor

Riding the monorail to get to a food festival (that's the bride looking crazy in the back)

Pike Place Market

Mr. Needle

The original Starbucks and a delicious sandwich joint called Salumi

The locks

Back to the market to get some crab and goodies for the road on our way out of town

And that's all she wrote for touristy bits of Seattle we saw.
Two more posts to come from Seattle:
hanging out with friends and the lovely wedding.
...but of course that's still only the beginning of our trip!


  1. I am VERY jealous, I'd love to visit Seattle!

  2. It was a great visit although I'm not entirely sure I could live there - I need the sun!

  3. It looks so cold there, brr! Although I would have taken it over the 100 degree weather.

  4. we are dying to visit seattle/move there! i'm serious! i appreciate this post (: