09 May 2009

We just bought a car!!!

We have been looking at cars since January and today we finally decided on one and bought it! It is a brand new 2009 Subaru Impreza hatchback. It's dark gray which was my second choice, but the orange had cream interior and we wanted dark interior so it is really my first choice! We are BOTH thrilled!!!! We had our nice car salesman, Max, take our picture. Yes, we did. It's our FIRST car! We had to! It was also Max's first sale - he's fresh outta college! It was a big day of firsts! The man in the next cube over had been selling cars for years and had all these awards and letters hung up and Max had nothing. Well, we're going to send him this picture and a letter saying how awesome he is! Thanks, Max!


Isn't she loooovely? It's not the best picture, but she really is a beauty. Here's a stock photo:

We've named it "Ru" for Subaru, roos in Australia, and of course our little Ru(fus).


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