07 June 2009

It's June? Seriously?

Life certainly hasn’t been slow! Allison says I’m still in “calm bride mode” and I plan to stay that way! Sorry for the lack of updates... This will be a big post!

Last weekend I helped Jakob make a cake for his elementary school's spring fair's cake decorating contest. And he won the blue ribbon!!! He was SO EXCITED and we were all so proud of him! Coincidentally, my dad's birthday was also around that time so we celebrated it with the cake!


My dad, me, and Jake (Jason was there too - he took the picture).


Jason and I spent the Memorial Day weekend at the lake - this year was a much better drive - we didn't hit any traffic! There were tons of people there - probably around 50 or so - and it was a blast! We got the jet skiis and boats out and even got into the water to swim! During an outdoor break, some of the ladies (Ali, Morgan, Linda, and Diane) took some time to look at old lake pictures while Terry looked on.


The view from the house.


We drove back early on Monday morning to make it to the block party on my parents' street to see all of my old neighbors... one of which even offered to marry us!

The Friday before Memorial Day weekend, my friend (and bridesmaid!) Ali came to DC for her brother's wedding so I got to see her for a nice little coffee break from work! I hadn't seen her in years, so it was sooooo good to see her! Please note: she works outside everyday and I am a cube monkey with no windows!


Jason and I have been looking around for an apartment for about 2 months now, hoping that we would find a place now so that we wouldn’t have to stress out about it later (our lease is up at the end of August). We ended up putting a deposit down on a place that is a little bigger than our current place and is only about a mile away (meaning we can still get to the dog park easily which is a major selling point). But... we weren't told to actually sign the lease so we're not exactly locked in (we don't think). So we're still on the lookout for a cheaper place but have the stability and peace of mind knowing that we have a place if we don't find anything better. We are NOT looking forward to moving. Again. It's not enjoyable to move each year, especially at the end of August when it is HOT out. We're obviously on the wrong cycle. Thankfully, this year we have moving helpers (thanks Eddie, Jessica, and Joel!!!). We’re hoping that with three extra heads and six extra hands things will be faster, more fun, and less nightmarish than last year’s moving experience!

My Uncle Steve sold me his old D-SLR for dirt cheap ohhh over a year ago now and I finally got lenses for it! I LOVE how beautiful the pictures are. A good camera and good lenses make ALL the difference. Here's my favorite subject:


I can't believe the wedding is now less than half a year away. I really only have four months left to plan everything which is a little crazy... but we're getting there! I just want October to be here already!

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