23 June 2009

Banana Pancakes, Part 3

This weekend we drove up to Frederick to meet with a DJ (hired) and a hairdresser (hired). I think we're done hiring vendors which I thought would be a load off my back. Well, now I'm getting bogged down in logistics which is 10 times as stressful. I'm thinking that this is the part that everyone talks about as being stressful. I looked at Allison while I was making four lists at once and asked, "It's only going to get worse, isn't it? This isn't even going to be close to all that I have to worry about, is it? I'm only going to get more stressed out, aren't I?" And she confirmed what I feared. Well, at least I have her. I don't know what I'd do without her.

We also celebrated Father's Day with both of our families which was really nice. Jason and I originally planned to have a Father's Day brunch at our apartment with both of our parents but when I went to invite my parents, Allison offered their house (and kitchen). We took her up on that offer so that we could have a bigger cooking and serving space. We made a ton of food - but the main event was our famous banana pancakes (with and without chocolate chips) that I made for Jason on Valentine's Day and he made for me on my birthday.  We also had turkey bacon, eggs, berries, and mimosas. It was delicious. I intended to take pictures but after cooking pancakes for an hour and a half (there were a LOT of them) I was pretty exhausted and I didn't even think about pictures. Oops! Both sets of parents agreed that it should be the start of a tradition so I'll try to remember to take pictures in 2010!

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