11 August 2011

A Giant Trip!

There has been reason for our radio silence and it was because we took a 2.5 week vacation! And the other two weeks we've been missing? Well, we were home but I was intimidated by the amount of photos I want to share!

Two of my very best friends got married two weeks apart - the first in Seattle and the second in LA. Jason and I decided it would be more fun to spend the time in between on vacation on the west coast rather than fly out there and back twice. Boy are we glad we made that choice. By the time we finished our trip we had driven nearly the entire west coast, almost all of which we took the Pacific Coast Highway. And going from North to South? That was an accidental convenience because it meant that we drove on the correct side of the road - the one closest to the water - so that it was easier to pull over and see things while driving.

In the next few days (or weeks, more likely) I'll chronicle our trip which included visits to Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Portland, Redwood National Parks, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, and lots of little towns in between. We even had our very first camping experience (it was fun!).

Coming soon.... Seattle and Maitha's Wedding!


  1. i'm excited for your posts! i'm glad you had a good time!! :)

  2. SwingalingadingdongAugust 12, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    yayy!! we're past the moo thru. lol. ;)

  3. We drove from Vancouver BC to LA {in a '74 VW Westfalia} so I know that area all too well. Such an amazing drive. Can't wait to see your pics. xo