11 July 2011

Moo Thru

The Moo Thru is a cute little ice cream place that we pass when we come home from the lake but until last week had never stopped to try. After seeing that it was up against our favorite local place, The Dairy Godmother, in a Northern VA "frozen treats" competition we decided it was about time we try it. Let me start by saying the Moo Thru has their own cows. They sell their own milk. And of course, their ice cream is homemade from the milk of those dairy cows. We noticed that people were eating in their cars rather than on the benches and soon figured out that it is because you can SMELL those cows when the wind blows. Ah, well, small price to pay for what turned out to be AMAZING ice cream! It'll definitely be our new stop on the way home from the lake!


  1. Next time snap some pics of the ice-cream or the cows! It sure is a ripe smell that can easily ruin good ice-cream. Looks like Rufus enjoyed it too! xx

  2. omg i love that they have their own cows! thats awesome!

    and rufus is looking adorable, as always :)

  3. So cute! Now I need to convince husband that I can get a dog...

  4. So stinkin cute!