06 September 2010

Hanson and PSU

Let's keep this short and sweet: Last week, Christine, her friend Alicia, and I met Hanson.

We spent a great day walking around PSU (Christine's alma mater) seeing all of the Nittany Lion stuff...

...and ended our day with Hanson. Without even trying we managed to be in the front row of the show. We loved it.

The show was amazing - not only were we in the front row, but it was free. Can't beat a free show!

Christine and Alicia insisted that we wait after the show. I was ready to go back but it turned out being worth waiting for because Zac walked up to me and said, "So um, I don't really need these anymore," and handed me his drum sticks that he used at the show. Night = made.

It was past 1 am and I was tired, so kindly ignore my terrible hair/sweaty face.

It was pretty amazing. Christine and I lucked out with Hanson again - twice in less than a year's time.


  1. oh fuuuun! i wish i was there! taylor's chest hair is kinda creepy.

  2. I'm so jealous! I used to be obsessed w/ Taylor. They are so handsome too!