27 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Jakob!

My little brother is quickly growing up. Today he turns TWELVE. I can't believe it. He is one of my favorite people in the world. Not only did he save me from being an only child (I HATED being an only child), but he has taught me so many things about life. One of the first things he taught me was to change baby boys' diapers very quickly. I didn't know what a backhoe was until he became crazed about trucks and construction vehicles when he was a little tyke. Now he constantly talks about things that I've never even heard of in the science world and excitedly explains them to me. He's not my child, but I watched him grow and remember every bit of it. I'm thankful that I know how difficult and rewarding it can be to be a parent as I watch him grow up.

To my super smart, hilariously devious, and all-around awesome little brother: Happy 12th Birthday!!! I love you so much!!!


  1. he looks sooo much like allison here!!!

  2. Yeah, he looks more and more like her all the time. It's crazy!