04 August 2010

Misadventures of me in the kitchen

I want and need to learn to cook... and actually be good at it. Jason went to the grocery store to get ingredients for a salmon dish with breadcrumbs and a side of horseradish mashed potatoes. We decided I should cook it. I had to shoo Jason out of the kitchen quite a few times because I decided I wanted to do this one without help. He heard me cuss and yelp but I never told him what was going on until we finished eating. Once the meal was done, I shared my tweeted chronicles with him while he laughed. Laugh all you want, people. It was a delicious dinner. I'm proud of it and am ready for more misadventures in the kitchen!

Here are my tweets over the course of an hour in the kitchen:

Cooking a relatively difficult salmon dish J picked out. Let's track the misadventures of this.

Didn't print recipe out. Have to track up and down on blackberry between ingredients and directions.

Dropped potato on floor.

Dropped wet lemon into bread crumbs.

Forgot to start timer on potatoes.

Forgot to spread dijon on fish before putting bread crumbs on it. Good thing J doesn't like dijon. Too bad I do... Sad.

Put oven on 50 degrees too high. Realized it very shortly after fish went in, thankfully. I don't make this stuff up, guys.

Cooked a potato too long... It broke apart in the pot when I tried to take it out...

Burned some of the green beans in the microwave.

And done! Not too shabby!

salmon dinner

That was actually a really good dinner!

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