18 September 2010

Zola Dinner

Every once in a while we like to go out and get a nice meal. Last week, we met after work in DC to go to Zola. I think they're a better bar than restaurant, but we were happy enough with the food. I mean, I got a plate of mushrooms and onions - can't go wrong with that! Jason got some fish (the photo didn't turn out) and we got delicious desserts! It was a very nice date night that we ended at home with our pup and with the windows open. Loving this nice fall weather!

I've been fighting a sore throat all week and woke up full-blown sick early this morning so we're being lazy for the weekend while I try to recover. Jason already ran to the grocery store to get me some cold meds, chicken noodle soup, OJ, soy milk, and even some vitamin water and nutella! Sweet husband, I love you!

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