20 September 2010

Orange Curry Chicken

I have been trying to cook quite a bit lately. I want to learn to enjoy it and be good at it! I have made a few dishes lately that have turned out pretty yummy including some tofu (for me) and chicken (for Jason) fajitas that were quite tasty and some barbeque chicken over Labor Day weekend. Tonight I used A Year of Slow Cooking's orange curry chicken recipe and while it wound up not looking quite like her pictures, it tasted delicious! I used a little bit of apricot preserves as well as orange marmalade. Sweet and spicy - yum!

Our lazy weekend was quite enjoyable. I felt so lousy that it was perfect. We ventured out to see one open house but other than that, we were bumps on logs. It paid off too - I woke up completely better (albeit a little tired) today! I'm amazed how quickly the cold went away considering how terrible I sounded and felt on Saturday. Rest really does do the body good. Oh, and watching hours of Arrested Development... Speaking of which, this is amazing.

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