09 December 2010

Still No Snow.... in DC

Last weekend I trekked down to Harrisonburg with my family to support my little bro in his First Lego League State Competition. His team didn't win anything but they did a really great job.

I managed to walk away from the weekend with my first taste of a fried oreo, my first snow of the season, and my first cold of the season thanks to the 5,000 middle schoolers I spent all day Saturday and Sunday with. Spending time with my family was really great, watching Jakob put his smarts to the test was amazing, the fried oreo was delicious beyond anything I dreamed of, and of course cheating by leaving DC to see my first snow of the season wasn't half-bad either.

So happy to see SNOOOOOW!!!!


  1. Hooray snow! Hope you feel better. I hate being sick in the winter time :(

  2. okay, just the concept of a fried oreo blows my mind. should something like that not come with a health warning...but of course, I want to try it! lol!
    AND what is the Lego League competition all about?

    Glad you enjoyed the snow, feel better xx