29 December 2010

Our Christmas Eve

  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care... 

*Those stockings (minus the snowman) are my favorite knitting projects.

Dad got cashews in his stocking... and Al got a yak that Jakob made out of clay. 
Yes, a yak. 
I think it might be her favorite present.

Dad created DVDs of all of the old family videos he could find as a gift to Allison.
We watched footage of Jakob as a newborn through one year old. 
He was the cutest kid ever.
Watching the videos now you can see his brilliant mind developing already at only a year old.

In contrast, 
that tape also contained a video of me and two friends in middle school performing 
"The Killer Salad Dressing" - an extremely compelling movie that we made up for a school project.
I remember we thought it was fantastic and hilarious at the time.
...It was terrible. Simply terrible.

Oh, the memories.

Twas a fantastic Christmas Eve.