30 December 2010

Jingle Bells

We spent Christmas morning with the Bells before I headed off to Utah. The funniest moment was actually on Christmas Eve. Linda found a temporary tattoo on her grandbaby and asked her, "Do you have any other tattoos I should know about?" To which Esme responded, "Not yet!" Esme's parents have many tattoos and they have always joked with Linda about tattooing the baby - the jokes started before she was even born. Needless to say, Esme's response generated many, many laughs. That is a story that is bound to live on forever.

For the record, we always laughed at people who dressed their dog.
Then we got a chihuahua mix who has the chihuahua shakes.
Rufus gets cold and needs clothes.
We don't love doing it, but the pup needs them!

Hope everyone had just as merry a Christmas as we did! 


  1. I was the queen of laughing at people who dressed their pets. Then my uncle had to give us his yorkie and the silly pup won't go outside in this weather without a sweater on. On the things you do for the cute little fluffy ones :]

  2. @Monica - Rufus loves his clothes. He gets really excited and wags his little tail when we pick his sweater up to put it on him! He can go outside without it but he starts shivering in about a minute flat. If he loves it and it keeps him warm, I don't even care if people laugh!